Exploring Greece  ​with Skylines DMC

Exploring Greece ​with Skylines DMC

Denise Tavera May

CURATED BY Denise Tavera May

No FAM is the same; like fingerprints, they are unique and never duplicated. Curating the perfect guest list is the biggest challenge, but we nailed it! 
We had a small, handpicked group that effortlessly traveled together to four different parts of this incredible country.

We traveled by foot, car, ferry, and air. Our itinerary was jam-packed with sightseeing, hotel inspections, hosted lunches and dinners, and an all-too-brief moment on the beach. Along the way, we saw stray cats, octopuses drying in trees, and endless ruins. We ate copious amounts of cheese, drank all kinds of wine, and laughed—we laughed hard and often.

Hotel inspections were sprinkled throughout our itinerary, and Advisors had strong opinions about what would work for specific clients and what would not. One thing we all agreed on was that one night in Athens was not enough. Everyone's budget and style can be accommodated, from large full-service properties to small boutique hotels. 
Regardless of location, most have rooftops, bars, or restaurants that boast spectacular views of the Acropolis. 
The city is beautiful with meandering streets, many pedestrians only, endless shopping, outdoor cafes, museums, restaurants, newly excavated ruins, and locals eager to welcome us.

We were hosted by our DMC Partner, Skylines. Paul & Konstantina wined and dined us and shared everything about their country, culture, and cuisine. I don't think I have ever eaten so much and so well, and even when I felt I could not eat anymore, I would.

From Athens, we went on to Mykonos. Although it was a brief stay, we saw the famous windmills, walked the crowded streets, shopped, and ate some more. We had the good fortune of amazing weather, which allowed us to take a luxury catamaran around the southern part of the island. It was magical. We got a sneak peek at new hotel construction from the water; there is definitely no lack of luxury accommodations.

We continued on to Paros via highspeed ferry, a great form of transportation between islands. The slower pace was much more appealing. There weren't any crowds, we could meander the small streets and feel like locals. Like the other islands, the buildings are whitewashed with colorful shops. An afternoon of sites and a quick visit to Antiparos was a wonderful way to see some of the highlights and appreciate what each island would appeal to discerning clients.

The third island we explored on our 8-day Adventure was Naxos, home to the Temple of Apollo. This is the largest of the Cyclades islands, mountainous and green with beaches that stretch out for miles. After a walking tour of the farm, we enjoyed a true farm-to-table meal with the Patriarch of the host hotel, where each of us helped pick the vegetables for the meal. It was an unforgettable experience that left you feeling like family.

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Exploring Greece  ​with Skylines DMC
Exploring Greece  ​with Skylines DMC