Nômade Holbox
Nômade Holbox

Nômade Holbox. The ultimate tribute to nature.

Nômade Holbox is an ode to the ocean where restoration, renewal, and reconnection are at the heart of each experience. This secluded island on the north coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, on the cusp of the Caribbean, is a world woven from water.

Otherworldly, darting in moments from moody to radiant, she is the teacher that inspired us to create something different. Nômade Holbox is an adults-only 30-room beach haven that brings to life the wisdom, medicine, and magic of water herself. Nômade Holbox wellness programming is designed to bring the guests into daily connection and presence, from heart-expanding yoga classes on the ocean deck to private wataflow sessions with their in-house sirens. Profound experiences await at this unique holistic beachfront hotel in Holbox.

Music to move the soul
Sound is the heartbeat of humanity and an essential part of the experience that Nômade Holbox offers, a way of fusing joy into every step of your Nômade journey. At Nômade Holbox, daily sonic rituals range from soothing sound journeys to sunset drumming sets from the world’s most innovative musicians and procure selected by their in-house music magician.

Nômade Holbox restaurant menu is inspired by Nikkei cuisine. The delectable fusion of Peruvian Japanese flavors highlights includes whole grilled fish marinated in miso, Chaya (local spinach), lime, fresh oysters, and chocolate clams sourced from Baja California, passionfruit ceviche and tuna tataki tostadas with a touch of truffle.

Mexican chef Elias Silva Resinas crafts a fusion of flavors that bring out the best of our ingredients, carefully selected from Nômade’s organic sister farm in the Yucatan, Mestizas de India, and sustainably sourced from the sea. Their philosophy is food does not begin on the plate—but on the land, with the farmers who grow, harvest, compost, fertilize and contribute to a conscious food system. The future of food culture extends far beyond offering good food in a beautiful ambiance—rather, it is rooted in the fact that we can change the social and environmental impact we make with each bite. Guests can taste farm-fresh ingredients grown from Mestiza de India, like purple sweet potato and African okra, at the restaurants, where food is honored as the ultimate resource from nature.

Each month, Nômade Holbox curates intimate gatherings and onsite retreats for you to delve deeper into the Nômade Life and immerse into nature. Experience the powerful transformation of future-forward wellness programs. Nômade Holbox wellness programs are specially designed to inspire you to connect, learn, create, and evolve. Get in touch with nature, culture, and sacred wisdom, and carry a new-found consciousness wherever your journey leads you next!

Nômade Holbox
Nômade Holbox
Nômade Holbox
Nômade Holbox


Calle Caguama y calle Caracol, Holbox,
Quintana Roo, Mexico 77310