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Discover Greece like never before!

Skylines Founded in 1992 by a group of experienced travel professionals and, for almost a quarter of a century, SKYLINES has been the destination management company of choice for Greece and the Mediterranean countries.   

Their passion for travel, coupled with their knowledge and expertise in the field has led to the steady growth of their business.  SKYLINES is housed in private premises in Athens, Greece. The company employs skilled highly educated professionals who work as a team in order to provide services of the highest possible quality to the travel market.

At SKYLINES, they like to think that what is called «impossible» is simply “untried”. Thus, they are always ready to answer to their clients’ needs and wishes, regardless of the degree of difficulty, deadlines or restrictions.  

Traveling in Greece and the European Mediterranean countries can be one of the most complete and fulfilling experience in one’s lifetime. But… where to go and what to do? The possibilities are, literally, thousands. This is why, SKYLINES has created a very special department which has all the answers for traveling in the Europe-Mediterranean region.  

The specialists constantly visit destinations in the Mediterranean and recommend only places they have been to, loved and would like to visit again. Everything else is left out!

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60, Amarousiou Chalandriou
Av. 15125
Athens, Greece

Phone: +30 21.0685.5555