Alidays Travel Experiences
Alidays Travel Experiences

An Italian story of passion & commitment

Founded in 1992, Alidays has always remained faithful to a core of inalienable, fundamental values, which could be summed up in the idea that travel is an intangible, incorporeal and, therefore, invaluable and lasting asset, as it pertains to the Person, to his memory, to his life. 

Italy, made to measure 
Alidays is strongly linked to its Country, to its millenary history, to the beauties of a wonderful land, of which it tries every day to interpret the inventive spirit, the craftsmanship, and the meticulous attention to detail, which are the hallmarks of the Made in Italy. Its attention to the Person is inspired by the great ideals of Italian Humanism. It was therefore physiological combining the consolidated outgoing programming with a new project, in continuity with the physiognomy that the company has taken on in twenty years: exporting Italy to the world, according to a conscious travel logic, attentive to the values of discovery, knowledge, and personal enrichment.    

Our Humanistic Travel
The focal point that guides Alidays’ philosophy overall is, through the Journey, the Person. They pursue the goal of allowing the traveler to take delight in the abundant variety of the world in its many manifestations, geographical, scenic and naturalistic, cultural and historical, with our commitment and dedication; to search for himself, the leading actor, in a changing context in time and space, to discover and recognize himself in it, inevitably finding himself changed, richer. This legacy, which is not limited to the duration of the journey, is preserved forever.  

The Team 
The daily commitment, the constant search for professional improvement, the love for work, have allowed Alidays a constant growth: from the initial staff of two People and a boxer dog, Alidays’ historical mascot , the team has expanded up to 75 members, with a turnover, in 2019, of over 76 million euros.

Alidays Travel Experiences
Alidays Travel Experiences
Alidays Travel Experiences
Alidays Travel Experiences


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