Biggeri+Universe website launch!

We are extremely excited to launch the website of Biggeri+Universe and introduce our first accounts; Desert Gate and My Private Villas. Having said that, we are ready to welcome many more in the very near future. We’ve worked diligently to ensure we have taken care of every detail before going live. We also want to thank all of you who continue to believe in us and have given us great support and encouragement to move on with this new venture. Dreams do come true and we never stop dreaming and believing that all is possible as long we are surrounded by positive people.

I always say “Work hard and then a little harder and don’t forget to have lots of fun with the work we all love to do along the way.” This is the beginning of a great project and we are really looking forward to a very bright and fun future together. I would like to introduce Diego Gutierrez who works side by side with me. He has been instrumental in the launching of my company. Many of you don’t know Diego yet, but you will soon – and be charmed by him. We will blog often and share news and updates along the way.