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We are customer service driven, we have the right connections in the industry and we know the right players. We are involved and we believe in sales calls. We listen to the needs of our clients and we deliver. We offer personalized service, we are dedicated and focused on each of the products we sell, and we produce results. We represent each of our client brands with integrity and passion. We are fun and creative and we want to make people feel right at home. We are hospitable!



Began his career early as a tour operator-booking agent designing the most amazing and sophisticated tours for Latin America. His passion was always in hospitality and after working on the retail travel side, he transitioned to hotels. After a few years as a hotelier, he was welcomed into the Four Seasons family. Cesar worked at Four Seasons Beverly Hills in Corporate Sales looking after the UK and East Coast Entertainment markets and high-end leisure segments. He also specialized in and oversaw the Middle Eastern Royal Families staying at the hotel. Following Four Seasons, Cesar made a transition into Global Sales and worked 10 years for the Jumeirah Group representing their luxury portfolio including Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world.

As Jumeirah’s Global Director of Sales for The Americas, Cesar wore many hats selling Corporate Travel, high-end leisure travel and groups on the US west coast, east coast, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Year after year, Jumeirah showed impressive growth in revenue and brand awareness.

With 30 years of knowledge and understanding of how each segment works, Cesar possesses impeccable customer service skills and invaluable international experience when it comes to luxury travelers, hotels and services. Cesar’s understanding of various cultures also brings the often-necessary flexibility required to meet and exceed the expectations of his clients and their most discerning travelers.


It’s a pleasure for us to introduce Diego Gutierrez. Diego brings years of experience in operations working for Marriott Hotels and Starbucks Coffee. He is passionate about exploring the world and helping you get there. He is friendly and has great customer service skills which is key in what we do on a daily basis. His fresh approach, optimism and creativity energizes the whole team and enhances the working environment. Diego is a native of Argentina and has traveled extensively in the US and Latin America offering great knowledge and experiences.

Roberto Girotti – Executive Marketing Consultant

Roberto Girotti is an experienced sales and marketing executive with over 35+ years of proven leadership at Latin America & Caribbean divisions of large international corporations. His primary focus is on marketing, public speaking, product seminars, advertising, and branding strategies.

He has held upper management positions at Delta Air Lines, United Airlines & Continental Airlines, where he developed and implemented tri-lingual content for consumer sales destinations guides. He also developed and conducted more than 150 seminars to secure brand presence in the region.

Mr. Girotti holds an MBA in Marketing as well as a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Having lived in several countries, he has complete fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Leandro Ricciardelli – Social Media Director

Leandro S. Ricciardelli is a content creator with +20 years of experience in the commercial, corporate, documentary, narrative & experimental areas.

A passionate creative about images, the world, and visual communication with an extensive background in Digital, TV, Films, and Advertising.

He worked in projects for companies such as Cartoon Network, CNN, Delta Air Lines, AMC, TNT, Televisa International, Telefe, Canal A, and TyC Sports, among others.

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